Local Rules and Highlights

1. All rules governing the Wisconsin State Fair Junior Amateur Talent Competition apply to the local competition in addition to the rules outlined herein. Should there be a conflict in the rules, the local rules shall apply in the local competition and the State Fair Rules will apply for the State Fair Competition.
2. The Monroe County 4-H Fair Talent Show will be held on Thursday, July 25, 2019 at the Family Entertainment Center. 1625 Butts Ave, Tomah, WI 54660
3. The contest is open to all legal residents of Wisconsin. Entries will be limited to the first 20 received in each of the following two official age divisions: Youth (2-12 years), Teen (13-18 years). Performers need not be a 4-H or FFA Member to participate.
4. Winners from earlier Wisconsin preliminary shows in 2019 are eligible. However, if a contestant is already qualified for the State Fair competition and wins at the local level, that act will only be eligible for the local prize, while the second place act would then advance to the State Fair. If the second place local winner also already qualified for the State Fair Show, the third place act would then advance, and so on.
5. Performances will be limited to 3 minutes each. A maximum set up time of three minutes will also be granted to each act. Performances exceeding 3 minutes will be subject to an automatic 5-point reduction or disqualification at the discretion of the judges.
6. When entering the contest, please choose from one of the four basic talent descriptions that best fit your performance: Dance, Vocal, Instrumental, Variety.
7. Performance Limitations: No more than 5 performers in any act. No combos, rock bands or similar groups permitted; this is NOT a battle of the bands competition. You may have an accompanist that is NOT a performer.
8. Vocalists are strongly encouraged to practice and perform with the assistance of a vocal coach and/or a live accompanist. While we do allow recorded instrumental accompaniment, any prerecorded track with backing vocals is not allowed, and the act will be disqualified. Media requirements: Submit .mp3 or .wav file audio on removable USB device.
9. The competition will be judged by a panel of no less than three nor more than five judges with a background in the professional performance area.
10. One winner each in the Youth and Teen divisions will advance to the Wisconsin State Fair Competition.
11. Prizes for the local Monroe County 4-H Fair Contest will be awarded as follows:
Youth: First Place $300; Second Place $200; Third Place $100
Teen: First Place $300; Second Place $200; Third Place $100
12. Monroe County 4-H Fair Gate Admission will be provided only to contestant(s).
13. Entries must be submitted through the online entry process. A link will be posted on the Fair’s website ( and is also directly accessible at the fair’s co-sponsor website: . No other method of entry will be accepted.
14. Entries must be received by 5pm local time on July 18, 2019.


2019 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Amateur Talent Competition

Presented by Jacks Pizza

2019 Official State Fair Contestant Rules

2019 Contestant Rules 1. Show is open to legal residents of the state of Wisconsin only. Acts must appear in a locally sponsored/Wisconsin State Fair sanctioned show somewhere in the state of Wisconsin and win to be eligible to compete at the Wisconsin State Fair. Judge’s decisions are final.  Prize structure - compliments of Jack’s Pizza® o Youth Division Teen Division o 1st: $4,000 1st: $4,000 o 2nd: $2,000 2nd: $2,000 o 3rd: $1,000 3rd: $1,000 o Jack’s Supreme: $500 - prize will be awarded to the contestant who captured the judges but did not place in the overall event. 2. The 1st Place winner in each division could receive a 1-year supply of Jack’s Pizza®; 2nd place winner in each division could receive ½ year supply of Jack’s Pizza® and the 3rd place winner in each division could receive ¼ year supply of Jack’s Pizza® 3. The 1 st Place winner in each division could receive a Jack’s Pizza® kit that could include rolling cooler, captain’s chairs, umbrella, and more 4. Youth Division: 2 through 12 years Teen Division: 13 through 18 years A person’s age for the Wisconsin State Fair competition is determined at the time they win a local show. A 12-year-old (or 18 year old) could turn 13 (or 19) by State Fair and still be eligible in the Youth (or Teen) division, as they met age requirements at the time of qualification. 5. Youth acts will be permitted to have one performer who is 13 years old only. If a performer in a Youth act turns 13 before the State Fair, thus making the Youth act have two or more 13-yearolds, that act will automatically become a Teen act. Any performer who is 14 years or older will not be allowed to perform in a Youth act. 6. Acts are required to keep the performance at three minutes or less. Acts running longer than three minutes are subject to possible disqualification or point deduction. This will be at the judge’s discretion. Set-up time is not included in the three-minute limit. Please limit set-up time to one minute. 7. No more than five persons are allowed in an act. Accompanists are not considered part of the act and can be of any age. Please limit the number of accompanists to three. Drums, amps, etc. are discouraged due to the one-minute set-up time. No rock bands or similar musical groups permitted. This is NOT a battle of the bands competition. 8. Vocalists are strongly encouraged to practice and perform with the assistance of a vocal coach and/or a live accompanist. We understand that live accompanists are expensive and sometimes very difficult to obtain for some performers. We do allow recorded accompaniment. The judges’ preference is a single instrument. Multiple tracks, although permitted, are not suggested. This is not a karaoke contest. Any prerecorded track with backing vocals is not allowed, and the act will be disqualified. 9. Acts are asked to not dance onto or off the stage before introductions. After introductions, contestants may take any position they wish to begin their performance. 10. Contestants may only appear once in any given show. This applies to qualifying shows as well as the competition at the Wisconsin State Fair. They may not perform “solo” and then return in the same show in a duet or trio. Contestants are allowed to perform in different acts in different qualifying shows, but they may only qualify for the State Fair Show with one act. 11. Professionals are NOT permitted to compete. This includes Union musicians and anyone whose principle source of income is from their talent. Compensation for performing at weddings, etc. does not constitute principle source of income. 12. Acts will need name, complete address, birth date, age, phone number (include area code), and type of talent. Acts with multiple contestants need one member to act as a contact person, and all information will go through them. Additional members of the act need only name, birth date, age and town. 13.Providing personal information: Winners (or their parent / guardian) will be required to fill out state issued W9 forms at the county level event. Name, address, and social security numbers are required. All W9 forms will be submitted to the State Fair upon advancement. Competition at the Wisconsin State Fair Championship Show: Sunday, August 11, 2019 beginning at Noon At the Associated Bank Amphitheater Youth Division will perform first followed by the Teen Division. Awards to follow each division. 1. Birthdays: If a qualifying show takes place after the Wisconsin State Fair, the act may be eligible to compete in the Championship Show the following year. Acts returning the following year will perform in the division they were in when they qualified. For example, if a 12-year-old wins in the Youth Division and turns 13 by the next State Fair, they will remain in the Youth Division. 2. Youth Division Champions: All Youth Champions in the Youth Division must sit out one year before they may re-enter the competition. They also must re-qualify when returning after the one-year absence, and be 12 years old or younger. 3. Teen Division Champions: All Teen Champions in the Teen Division must sit out one year before they may re-enter the competition. They also must re-qualify when returning after the one-year absence, and be 18-years-old or younger. The 1st Place Winner of the Teen division is no longer allowed to compete at the State Fair Junior Amateur Talent Competition. 4. The only exception to the one-year absence will be for Youth division champions who were 12 years old when they won. They do not have to sit out a year and are automatically qualified for the next State Fair. They will, however, be competing in the Teen division. It is highly recommended that they compete at the local level as a Teen to get a feel for the older division. 5. All divisions must qualify within the age requirement. For example, if you are 18 and don’t qualify before you are 19 you are ineligible, or if you are a Teen and don’t qualify before you are 12 you will compete in the Teen division. Wisconsin State Fair Contact: Bevin Ketter Wisconsin State Fair 414-266-7300

$1,200 in Cash Prizes for Top 3 in each age group!

1st-$300 2nd-$200 3rd-$100
Cash prizes sponsored by:

All American Steel - Tomah

AMKM Gymnastics Training Facility - Rockland and Sparta

Driving Stars LLC - Tomah

K & B Flooring - Tomah

Mandy's Café & Deli - Tomah

Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza - Tomah

Safe Ship - Tomah

The Nail Boutique - Tomah

U.S. Silica - Sparta

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