Junior Livestock Sale at the 2013 Monroe County Fair

Jul 27, 2013

The Monroe County Junior Livestock Association will again be sponsoring the Junior Livestock Sale at the 2013 Monroe County Fair.

The Monroe County Junior Livestock Sale will be held on Saturday, July 27th at 7:00 p.m., in the Farm Progress Building at the Fairgrounds in Tomah. (The beef and dairy barn).

The sale was started several years ago to provide youth organization members an opportunity to have market livestock projects evaluated at the Monroe County Fair. The live auction provides incentive and encouragement to exhibitors for greater participation in livestock projects.

Individuals, businesses, organizations and the public are invited to bid. This is a chance to buy high quality meat for your home freezer, and at the same time, promote high quality livestock projects by Monroe County Youth exhibitors.

There are several options for the buyers of livestock show animals.

            The buyer may:

1.      Pay the premium (sale value minus market value) to the sales clerk. The exhibitor retains ownership.

2.      Buy the animal and pay the full amount to the sales clerk and resell their live animal to market after the fair.

3.      Enter the animal in the Carcass Show by having it processed at Foss Fine Meats, t Craig’s Meats, or at VonRuden Meat Processing.

a.      Have animals processed at Foss’s, Craig’s, or VonRuden’s for your own use and pay the full amount.

b.      Make arrangements for subsequent sale of carcasses if not purchased for your own use.

c.       Pick up carcasses at Foss’s, Craig’s, or VonRuden’s if you wish to have carcasses processed at a different location. In such cases, buyer should notify Foss’s or Craig’s as soon as possible. NOTE: In all cases where animals are to be butchered and not resold to a live market, buyers are responsible for slaughtering, chilling and processing charges.

d.      Have animals processed for their own use and pay full amount.

The young exhibitors have worked all year on their livestock projects to present you with the best quality beef, pork, lamb, goat, poultry and rabbit that you will find anywhere. Plan now to become a bidder/buyer at the Monroe County Junior Livestock Sale.

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